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The Redi-Videos WHMIS application is a complete audio/HD video training course, instructed and demonstrated by certified WHMIS trainers and displayed right on your smartphone. Learn all of the information about the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System that is required by the majority of Canadian industries to ensure workplace safety. The complete course is provided in English and French. The course is divided into two sections: 1.The complete training course which includes all information about WHMIS in crystal clear video with audio narration. 2. The symbols and classes section allows you to quickly reference specific symbols you see on HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) industrial products so you can immediately know what the dangers are for that product.

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All things taught in the WHMIS training course. As an industrial worker or safety officer, this application offers you the ability to take a complete WHMIS course to always have available at your fingertips

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-Program Implementaion

-Class A

-Class B

-Class C

-Class D1

-Class D2

-Class D3

-Class E

-Class F

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2 demos for your quick reference. With purchase you receive 14 full, HD videos.

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Languages:English, French
Amount of Videos:14

Reviews(from iTunes)

This covers the subject very well. The menu system lets you fasttrack to your area. Audio is clear. Well worth the cost.

Very useful

This app is very useful. Topics are covered in a most defined way! Very helpful in my chemical labs. Thanks Redi-Videos.

Every situation seems to be covered. The menus work well. Topics load quickly.