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Each time you prepare your boat, are you sure have complete safety equipment for your family and friends? Are you sure your boat and equipment meets regulations? An accident or visit from law enforcement can ruin an otherwise enjoyable day on the water. Even if you are very experienced on the water, this application will make it easy for you to remember all the needed preparations so you can enjoy your trip safely and legally. If you are preparing to pass a watercraft safety course, this audio/video training manual will prove very valuable. An interactive quiz is included so you can test your knowledge.

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Everything to make sure your boat is good and ready to go.

Videos in this app



-Safe Boating

-Boats and Motors

-Boat Preparations

-Floating Devices

-Trip Prep(3 parts)

-Boat operation(5 parts)

-Buoys and Beacons

-Fueling a Boat

-Responding to Emergencies


Demo videos for this app

Watercraft Safety Course

Boat prep jQuery Flash Video by VideoLightBox.com v1.11boat trip

2 demos for your quick reference. With purchase you receive 18 full, HD videos.

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Languages:German, Spanish, French, Chinese, and English
Amount of Videos:18

Reviews(from iTunes)

This was a great study tool for the exam.

This app is great. Eberything that I needed to know for the exam to get my license was in it. It's easy to understand, I passed!.