About the Videos

One day in early 2004 during a production meeting someone made the comment that 'to have our instructor sent out with each kit!' would be the answer. We all had a chuckle.. then proceeded to turn that great idea into reality. Since then we have recorded HD videos of a wide variety of emergency situations. Our customers receive the added value of instructional video training in the comfort of their own home or location of their choosing. Everyone knows how to apply an adhesive bandage to a cut, but what is the best method of treatment for say and electrical burn, impaled object, or any number of situations that we've not seen before? Being prepared with our products includes the knowledge as well as the correct components. We now use these same videos inside of our smartphone apps.

How do I gain access to these videos?

We offer these videos with purchase of a Redi-Videos Item. When your item has been purchased we include your own personal passcode with the package. You then type in your code in the bar above to access your custom videos page! Typically whatever the item you purchase is used for, the videos will be relatable.


We have made short demo clips of all of our videos. Feel free to visit our youtube page to view these demos.

Our applications

We offer videos inside of our smartphone apps. Having this safety knowledge with you is very handy. We offer a text app with all Redi-Videos purchases over $15.00