Complete Home First Aid - CPR - How To Keep Safe in Emergency App for Your Smartphone

This complete home first aid app describes important first aid techniques in easy to understand, non-technical audio/HD video demonstrations by certified first aid professionals. Access it within seconds from your smartphone and take it everywhere you go. This app is available in English, German, Spanish, French, and Mandarin

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This app will explain how to handle a wide range of emergencies that could happen around the house.

Videos in this app

-Checking the scene


-Hand sanitation




-Heart attack

-CPR: Adult, Infant and Basic AED Use



-Cuts and Scrapes

-Eye Injury

-Impaled Object


-Tooth Injury

-Spine Injury


-Musculoskeletal Injuries

-Splints and slings


-Diabetic Emergencies

-Seizures, Convulsions

-Emergency Childbirth

-Cold Related

-Heat Related

-Heat Stroke

-Swollowed Poisons Insect Bites and Stings

-Epi Pen Use

Demo videos for this app

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Languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Mandarin.
Amount of Videos:46

Reviews(from iTunes)

This app could make a huge impact in an emergency. The CPR section alone makes it well worth the cost

Everything is clear and simple to access. The videos are sharp and well edited. Audio tracks are easy to hear with background noise. Well worth the price!

This is a worthwhile app for anyone to own. It takes the guess work away! The HD videos are very good. The audio is top notch.

Every situation seems to be covered. The menus work well. Topics load quickly.