CPR & AED Video Training App for Your Smartphone

This CPR and AED smartphone app is a complete how to do it course teaching you exactly what to do when someone requires the lifesaving technique of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This is the complete CPR course taught to anyone preparing for employment in industry as outlined by occupational health and safety. This live audio/HD video step by step demonstration covers checking for breathing, giving rescue breaths and chest compressions for both adults and infants, as well as basic AED (defibrillator) use. Presented and narrated by certified Red Cross/ St John Ambulance first aid instructors in a non-technical manner, the content is easy to understand and is valuable information that everyone should know. Nobody buys house insurance thinking they're going to have a fire, but sometimes things just happen. This may well be the most important app on your device!

Refresh Yourself On:

The life saving technique of CRP.

Videos in this app

-Adult CPR & AED

-Infant CPR


Demo videos for this app


CPR AED jQuery Flash Video by VideoLightBox.com v1.11CPR Infant

2 demos shown. With purchase you receive 3 full, HD videos.

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Languages:German, Spanish, French, Chinese, English, and UK English
Amount of Videos:34

Reviews(from iTunes)

This is an excellent reference resouse for people trained in first aid. The videos are clear, concise and informative.

All of the information is there. It's well organized and loads quickly. All around great I think, for work situations or family.

Every situation seems to be covered. The menus work well. Topics load quickly.