Advanced First Responder Mobile Phone App

This app is separated into 2 sections:

1. The complete training course

2. The perform First Aid section that allows you to access the techniques quickly in case of emergency. Redi-Videos Advanced First Responder application is a complete, comprehensive audio/HD videos first aid training course, instructed and demonstrated by certified first responders. Each first aid technique is shot in high definition, full screen video and narrated clearly and concisely to provide an easy understanding guide to administering first aid. This app is constantly updated with more, and new information so that you can always stay up to date with current techniques. We offer this information in English, Mandarin, French, German and Spanish.

Refresh Yourself On:

A very wide variety of situations all first responders have to deal with. As a first aid professional or trainee, this application offers you instant access to the techniques required for your training.

Videos in this app

-The Role of the First Aider

-Checking the scene


-Hand sanitation



-Hands off survey

-Breathing Emergencies


-Heart attack

-CPR: Adult, Infant and Basic AED Use



-Cuts and Scrapes

-Head/Spine injuries



-Cuts and Scrapes

-Head/Spine injuries


-Musculoskeletal Injuries

-Splints and slings


-Diabetic Emergencies

-Seizures, Convulsions

-Emergency Childbirth

-Cold Related

-Heat Related

-Heat Stroke

-Swollowed Poisons Insect Bites and Stings

-Epi Pen Use

-Heat Stroke

-Swollowed Poisons Insect Bites and Stings

-Epi Pen Use

-Traction Splints



-Helmet Removal

-Stranding Take Down

Demo videos for this app

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Languages:German, Spanish, French, Chinese, and English
Amount of Videos:56

Reviews(from iTunes)

This is a fantastic app, especially for those who dont regularly perform first aid. It's so easy to use and the videos are clear, concise, and quick enough that you don't delay first aid.

This is the complete program. The video streams very well and is nicely edited. The audio is clear and concise and moves at a good speed. A lot of work had to go into this. Very good value!

All of the information is there. It's well organized and loads quickly. All around great I think, for work situations or family.

Every situation seems to be covered. The menus work well. Topics load quickly.