About Redi-Videos

Who we are, what we do.

Redi-Videos is a provider of safety videos and applications. We have a wide variety of videos covering many different emergency and safety situations. You never know when accidents could occur, so having a handy reference to figure out how to handle the situation is very useful. These videos are viewable by either purchasing an item from Redi-Videos, or by purchasing an application.

A brief history

In 2004 we started filming high definition safety videos so that our clients could take home with them useful safety knowledge. Since then we have continued to film and update our collection of videos. We then proceeded to use these videos and put them into smartphone applications. We are constantly making these videos more accessible to people around the world!

Our Videos

We produce high quality safety and medical videos. With purchase of an item from Redi-Videos, you receive access to a range of these videos! One day in early 2004 during a production meeting someone made the comment that 'to have our instructor sent out with each kit!' would be the answer. We all had a chuckle.. then proceeded to turn  that great idea into reality. Since then we have recorded nearly 100 HD videos of a wide variety of emergency situations. Our customers receive the added value of instructional video training in the comfort of their own home or location of their choosing. Everyone knows how to apply an adhesive bandage to a cut, but what is the best method of treatment for say and electrical burn, impaled object, or any number of situations that we've not seen before? Being prepared with our products includes the knowledge as well as the correct components. We now use these same videos inside of our smartphone apps. For more information on our videos, click here.

Our Apps

Redi-Videos has developed multiple smartphone applications capable of delivering potentially life saving information. Having the knowledge to handle a wide variety of emergency situations in the palm of your hand is a very assuring feeling. Our applications include Standard First Aid, CPR, Advanced First Responder, Watercraft Safety, Complete Home First Aid, WHMIS, and Accident Safety. These apps feature high definition audio and video instructions on how to handle all types of emergency and medical situations. All of our apps come in a variety of languages including English, English(UK), Mandarin, French, German and Spanish. These apps are used worldwide by professionals involved in all industries and could potentially be life saving! With nearly 100 instructional videos throughout all of our apps, we cover almost every medical or emergency situation you can think of! From small, to large accidents, our apps can give you clear, concise, instructions on how to handle these situations. To take a look at these apps, click here.